We start our restoration with the frame, we galvanize every frame to protect it from rust. A electrostatic coating is also possible.

Hot-dip galvanization

We build in our factory all body parts new in handmade. The dimension of the parts are 1:1 to the original.

Preparing the body parts

Completely overhauled engine

Every engine gets an overhauling

process in our factory.

Individual Paintwork

Our brand new in handmade produced parts get painted. To archive the perfect result we use a double primer layer before we paint the surface.



Custom interior

Natural teak wood decking on the front and rear cabin. Leather wraped dashboard for a more luxery look.



New wiring harness & fuse box

In every restoration we replace the old wiring harness with a new one. We also change the fuse box. , modern electronic standards in an british vintage


Fully restored Land Rover Series III

A completly restoration take us 3-4 months.


Land Rover Series 3 Full Restoration Project by Falcon Design Germany

We overhaul the front and rear axle, dfferential,brake hose and also put new brakes on it. After the parts get painted with electrostatic coating

Mechanical parts overhaul