My name is Orkan Sahin and I would like to welcome you to Falcon Design Germany!


My father founded the company in 1975, where I spent my childhood in the auto repair shop and already started turning my first wrenches at the age of six. Ever since, I live and love automobiles of all brands and vintages.


I now run the company on my own, taking over for my father after 20 years, with a focus on classic automobiles. I’m a respected business owner of Orkanifornia and known for my shipments and cooperation with "Automobile - The Car Magazine” on VOX TV.


We expanded our portfolio of automotive services 5 years ago with another division, specialising in traditional and bespoke classics and car restoration, in particular with the Land Rover - Defender, a very popular series.


Our vehicles are completely restored from scratch, rebuilt and significantly improved in terms of style and durability. In addition to the vehicles being designed to our concept, we also honor unique, special, and oftentimes unusual customer requests.


We build… what our customers imagine!


Since 1975